Prolights EclPendant JrVW

Prolights EclPendant JrVW

The EclPendant JrVW is a beautifully designed house light packed with high-performing technology that makes any venue well-lit whilst staying eco-friendly.
This innovative series of pendant lights come with a full range of optics, accessories, mounting options and control.

The EclPendant JrVW has a 100-Watt LED source Variable White that have high-quality light output, a consistent colour temperature and unmatched durability.
Several advanced user settings are available from the unit’s on-board GUI and control protocols like DALI, DMX + RDM and Wireless DMX (CRMX + W-DMX).

The EclPendant JrVW was made for several uses – its mounting options include pendant, surface, stem, wall mount, adjustable bracket, and recessed. It’s also possible to wire the EclPendant JrVW series directly to mains (100-240AC or 48V DC) and DMX or DALI through terminal blocks or feed power and DMX using the TrueOne and DMX connections.

The fixture has a wide range of optics and accessories available, with an uncompromising approach to flexibility and precision. All the optics are easily changeable on-site, providing a hassle-free user experience.

The EclPendant JrVW has a fan-free thermal design and delivers a powerful and consistent lumen output over a long lifespan.


  • 100W LED source power, Variable White with passive cooling
  • AC or DC power input. Control via DALI, DMX, RDM, Wireless DMX (CRMX+W-DMX)
  • Extensive mounting option possibilities, optics and accessories are all easily changeable


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