Philips Selecon Aurora Cyc

Philips Selecon Aurora Cyc

The Aurora Cyc luminaire will smoothly and evenly illuminate a 9.0m high cyclorama, scrim or back cloth from a throw distance of 3m when cycs are spaced at 2.5m centres; ideal for permanent installations or temporary rental/production requirements.

The beam is well-controlled with no spill to cause distracting highlights on scenery or the stage dressings

  • Light beam is very smooth and falls off evenly without visible high lights or shadows.
  • The extruded aluminium reflector guarantees repeatability of beam characteristics.
  • Robust construction from a combination of aluminium extrusions and formed steel panels.
  • Filter life is maximised by the dual air-flow chamber construction.
  • Filter frame size ensures an economic two frame cut out of a standard filter sheet.
  • The filter frame is flat ensuring it can be mounted into the luminaire with ease.
  • Re-lamp without removing the colour filter holder via the hinged front filter holder assembly.
  • Available in a variety of configurations with your choice of multi connector options.

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Philips Selecon


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