Osram OPTOTRONIC ECO Compact LED Driver

Osram OPTOTRONIC ECO Compact LED Driver

OPTOTRONIC ECO Compact drivers are the perfect solution for a wide variety of luminaire types and applications. Developed for spotlight and downlight applications, the OPTOTRONIC ECO Compact drivers offer you maximum flexibility in the design of all your LED-based luminaires.

  • Three selectable output currents (CS = current setting)
  • Suitable for class I and class II luminaires
  • Lifetime of up to 50 000 hours** and high ambient temperature of up to +50/55 °C
  • Several housing designs for different applications (track lighting, downlights and spotlights) with form factor derived from conventional ECGs
  • More than 10 different selectable currents for overdriving/ underdriving of LEDs

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