The new MDR-DIN splitter continues a long history of innovation at LSC. Based on the successful range of MDR splitters, the new MDR-DIN is a mounted product providing four individual outputs from one DMX/RDM input. Each output is completely electrically isolated from the input and all other outputs, ensuring that voltage differences and noise will not compromise your installation.

The MDR-DIN handles the management of RDM signals across its four outputs. Unique to the MDR-DIN is the ability to individually disable RDM on any of its outputs using the front-panel switches. While many devices now offer RDM compatibility, there are still products available that do not perform correctly with RDM, causing the DMX network to flicker or jam when RDM signals are present. The MDR-DIN provides the ability to isolate these devices to one output by disabling the RDM, ensuring RDM can be used successfully on the remaining ports.

  • Four DMX/RDM outputs
  • Each output is electrically isolated from the input and all other outputs
  • RDM capability of each output port can be disabled for situations where legacy equipment is not compatible with RDM signals
  • Splitter is discoverable by RDM
  • Outputs can be labelled via RDM
  • LEDs for power, DMX and RDM activity
  • Easy software update via RDM
  • Full two-year factory warranty

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