LSC MDRT 5-Way Truss-Mount Splitter

LSC MDRT 5-Way Truss-Mount Splitter

The MDRT is a DMX512A (ANSI E1-11) compatible data splitter available in a compact portable model. These splitters are the world’s first field upgradeable splitters to offer RDM functionality as an option.
The MDR range can be purchased with or without RDM functionality installed. If purchased without RDM it can be installed at any time in the future, using just a screwdriver.

All MDR units offer an inbuilt DMX termination switch and a choice of 5-pin or 3-pin XLR style input and output connectors. A pass through connector allows multiple units to be connected together to create a greater number of isolated outputs. A dedicated 10-way rack mount permanent installation model is also available with Ethercon RJ45 input and output connectors.

The fully isolated DMX outputs ensure that no matter which vintage DMX products you have, you will not have any earth loop problems.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 320 × 123 × 53 mm



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