LSC Redback Wallmount Installation Dimmers

LSC Redback Wallmount Installation Dimmers

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The Redback Wallmount has been designed with flexibility in mind. Each channel can be individually configured with a minimum and maximum level, its own DMX address, fade curve and control source. This allows some channels to be used for push button controlled house or work lights, while others can be set to be DMX controlled stage lights.

Each block of six channels can be factory fitted as dimming or relay switching outputs, allowing the rack to provide both power and dimming control. The Redback Wallmount is even clever enough to automatically turn the power on to the moving lights and LED fixtures when the lighting console is powered up, and then turn them off a few minutes after the console is powered down, thus ensuring that the venue uses the lowest possible carbon footprint and maximising the lamp life.

The Redback Wallmount is provided with a full size template for installing the wall anchors and electricians will find the large screw terminals and dedicated tunnel for all the cabling make it a breeze to install. The large full colour touch screen makes commissioning and set-up easy, even for first time users.

The Redback Wallmount is available as a hard wired dimmer, or with individual output connectors per channel. This latter option is ideal for use with the LSC Redback Patch system – for installations where a large number of outlets are required but not all used at the same time. So much thought has gone into the design that it is even possible to invert one of the dimmers so that patch cables are not left hanging over the Circuit Breakers or colour LCD screen.

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