Helvar Select the Weather Panel (135 STW)

Helvar Select the Weather Panel (135 STW)

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The 135 STW Select-the-Weather panels are a DALI-compatible range of user interfaces that allow control of the lighting system. Each module is fitted with indicator LEDs and an infrared receiver for remote operation.

Designed to fit both DIN and UK standard back boxes, the panel lets you select your desired illuminance and colour temperature scene from four pre-programmed scenes that can aid your circadian rhythms.

These scenes have been designed for affecting mood, focus, motivation, concentration, safety, efficiency, and productivity. So you can select the light condition that is more appropriate for your current task.

  • Choice of black or white modules
  • Indicator LED and infrared receiver
  • Out-of-box operation

Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 35.4 × 31.8 × 48.4 mm



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