Helvar DALI Repeater

Helvar DALI Repeater

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The DALI Repeater extends the maximum DALI line length from 300 m to 600 m and provides an additional 250 mA of DALI power. This device does not provide additional DALI addresses. The DALI limit of 64 addresses still applies.

  • Extends the maximum DALI line length from 300 m to 600 m.
  • Provides 250 mA current at the DALI-OUT side.
  • DALI Messages are unfiltered.
  • Strain-relief for standalone installation (included)
  • Suitable for use with all DALI applications, including Router/Toolbox systems
  • Suitable for use as a DALI Power Supply

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 184 × 46.5 × 28 mm



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