Circuit Tube

Circuit Tube

Circuit Tube combines the features of conduit and cable duct together in the same tube, to provide a time saving alternative to varied existing supply and support structures. Circuit Tube was developed with the installer and serviceman in mind. By using mostly snap-lock and slide fit parts Circuit Tube does away with time consuming drilling, cutting and major termination problems, thus providing a plug in power supply system compatible with conventional trussing supports and electrical fittings.

  • CT is of lightweight construction, using rigid PVC connecting architectural aluminium.
  • Compatible with straight edge skirting style outlests of the HPM and Clipsal ranges. These include power, lighting, TV, video, sound and computer outlets.
  • Snap-lock fit mounting.
  • Fits into all 50mm diameter pipes or conduit fittings, bends, ‘T’ sections and junction boxes.
  • ‘V’ grooves for centre drilling are provided in top and bottom extrusions.
  • A 18mm x 2mm channel runs through the base extrusion for 3/ or 10mm bolt heads for non-spin when tightening or unbolting.
  • Aluminium parts are mill finished accessories are available in grey, black or white.
  • Moulded slide-fit end caps.
  • Removable snap-lock plate CTCP-1 features:
    • A range of interchangeable plug bases featuring the HPM 38 series up to 20 Amp and round pin earths are available for the CTCP-1
    • Optional switch MEC or large power indicating neon. Also snap-fit.
    • Contoured ext plate to suit existing extrusions CTRCC-P – CTRCC-AL
  • Entertainment standard rigging diameter 48.4mm.

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