Lighting control solution for Gudinski Statue unveiled outside Rod Laver

Gudisnki Statue Lit Up Rod Laver Arena

Outdoor Lighting Control Solution on time for Gudinski Memorial Statue

Lightmoves’ and ULA Group worked together to provide a durable outdoor lighting control solution for the Gudinski Memorial unveiled outside Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena


Been to Rod Laver Arena recently? Chances are you’ve seen the statue unveiled earlier this year in honour of the late Michael Gudinski. Crafted in bronze by Darien Pullen, the statue is a fitting tribute to Gudinski, who signed generations of Australian musicians and is remembered for his outstanding contribution to Australian entertainment. A durable outdoor lighting control solution was required to cast it in the best light.

Lightmoves was approached by Webb Australia while they were developing the design for the sculpture illumination in February 2022.

The brief:

To provide reliable outdoor lighting control fixtures, in a quick timeframe, that could assimilate with the surrounding lighting in the space.

The solution:

Lightmoves worked with ULA Group to offer durable, compact RGBW fixtures which could be delivered before the statue unveiling.

Lightmoves offered the Jupiter RGBW and Capital 100 RGBW from Griven as options, based on their proven reliability, compact design and weather-resistance. Webb Australia chose to specify a combination of these two fixtures to fulfil their design requirements after reviewing different luminaires.

Lightmoves provided a Dynalite to DMX bridge, programming and integration into Melbourne and Olympic Parks’ Dynalite control network. The fixtures were scheduled in line with pre-existing lighting in the surrounds. Our Technical Director Andrew Sherar took care of commissioning the control system and programming the fixtures.

Lightmoves supplied the fixtures with glare controlling snoots to maximise their performance outdoors. Lightmoves then custom-manufactured and installed enclosures to protect the fittings from wear and tear.

The outcome:

Lightmoves feature lighting control evenly illuminates the Gudinski statue, whilst allowing it to integrate beautifully into the lighting environment surrounding Rod Laver.

The project was delivered on time for the Memorials’ unveiling on March 24th, 2022.

Thanks to the careful planning of the team, concertgoers will be able to appreciate the Gudinski tribute in lights for years to come.

We are pleased we could collaborate with ULA Group to find the most efficient solution for this project. Thank-you to Programmed Electrical Technologies, who completed the fixture and Dynalite installation.

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