Broadmeadows Town Hall

Broadmeadows Town Hall

Lightmoves was involved in the provision of lighting control for the ‘glowing cube’ annex added to Broadmeadows Town Hall during its comprehensive refurbishment.

The lighting displays, programmed to commemorate community events, have been credited with visually uniting the community and adding a welcome element of surprise to the beloved space.

Broadmeadows Town Hall glass cube building is seen from across the street illuminated in red, pink and blue


Lighting control for the cube was linked into the Dynalite system controlling other parts of the building.

In 2023, Broadmeadows Town Hall was one of five architectural studies featured in the NGV exhibition, Melbourne Now: Civic Architecture. The project is multi-award winning.

In it’s nomination for the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards, the cube was described as –


“… a beacon of light, connecting the community…”


Broadmeadows Town Hall went on to win best in category for Architectural Design at the awards.

In 2019 the Broad Meadows Town Hall, affectionately known as the ‘Pink Elephant’, was transformed into an adaptable, multi-purpose contemporary space.

As part of the upgrade, the building was given additional floor space with a new building in the form of a glass cube.

Light has been used carefully to make the most of the new materiality of the space, drawing a beautiful distinction between the heritage fabric of the original building and the modern annex introduced.


The glass cube building of broadmeadows town hall is seen from the pathway illuminated in red


The project also won the Victorian Architecture Medal – after first winning in the Heritage category and gaining a commendation for Public Architecture. In 2020, the Public Architecture Jury for the Australian Institute of Architects had this to say:


“…Broadmeadows Town Hall is a skillful example of what can be achieved when outdated community buildings are adaptively reused rather than replaced. Clever internal planning carefully considers each new element while the best of the existing fabric is respected and championed…”




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