Google Office Theatre Suite

Google Office Sydney Event Space entry way


Google’s head office in Sydney is decked out with a serious presentation fit-out and meticulously branded architectural lighting, in line with Google Spaces around the world.


Google, arguably, popularised the concept of the ‘destination office’. It’s no surprise, then, that Google Sydney prioritises wow-factor and employee experience in the workplace.

For Google HQ, intelligent lighting aims to contribute to the building’s capacity to promote movement, flexibility and sociability whilst also advertising the tech-smarts of the brand.



As the largest Google outpost in Australia, Google Sydney on Pirrama Road hosts events for a huge number of employees. Not satisfied with a run-of-the-mill power point setup, the architects specified a full theatrical entertainment fitout.

Lightmoves collaborated closely with US theatrical consultants to modify specifications for the Australian market. The Lightmoves team went on to supply and commission lighting control for the entertainment space and architectural lighting in the foyer, which makes an immediate impression with custom neon-rainbow bands mounted to the ceiling.




Lightswitch, California USA – Lighting and Theatre Services Design

Charcoalblue – Local Supervision and Project Management

Osborne and Smith – Electrical & Mechanical Service

Stowe Australia – Electrical Services

FDC Building – Builder

Overseen by Google Global Project Team