Helvar iDim Sense (316)

Helvar iDim Sense (316)

The iDim Sense 316 is a luminaire-based DALI sensor. It contains:

  • a light sensor (for Constant Light function);
  • a passive infrared (PIR) movement detector;
  • an infrared receiver (for remote control)

The manual mode selector allows the user to easily select one of the 6 out-of-box application modes.

Key Features

  • PIR, Constant Light and Infrared control
  • Easy to select application modes
  • Clip-on fascia in different colours
  • Mode selector with LED feedback
  • Compact DALI sensor for standalone use
  • Works with all iDim ballasts and drivers
  • Used with iDim Solo, provide 2-channel control
  • PIR motion sensor, Constant Light with offset, & Infrared Receiver
  • Simple rotating selector provides 6 pre-programmed modes
  • Easy click-mounting from outside luminaire
  • Clip-on PIR restrictor

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