Strand Electric Pattern 23M Variable Angle Mini Spot

The Pattern 23M is a fully working scale model of the original 1953 Mk1 lantern, designed by aircraft designer Morgan McLeod, which has become a much-loved icon in theatre lighting history. The suffix ‘M’ stands for Mini. The accessories are also direct scale models of the originals and enable the Pattern 23M to be mounted as a desk lamp, on a wall, ceiling, or other suitable surface. In developing the range, we have striven to retain as much of the original detail as possible and practical. The lantern is even packed in a box stamped with the British Rail Certificate of Compliance. The Pattern 23M is pleasing to the eye, functional, and will surely evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The lantern is cast in zinc, ventilated, and features a 3-watt 3000K LED, variable beam angle, 90cm cable, and can be connected to a computer or power supply with a USB-A socket. Non-dimmable.

$23 from the sale of each Pattern 23M will be donated to CrewCare. CrewCare is all about supporting technical and backstage personnel and their loved ones, those who work or have worked in the Australian live music and entertainment scenes.

Patt 23M with Desk/Ceiling Bracket

The plate is cast in zinc and supplied complete with a 1” mirror screw (with 1/8” internal thread), masonry plug, hexagonal adaptor with one end threaded to 1/8” and the other to M3, a 1/8” thread x 1/2″ long stud and M3 bolt for attaching to a ceiling. If used as a floor plate, only the hexagonal adaptor and M3 bolt are required.

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Patt 23M with Wall Bracket

The swivel arm wall bracket is cast in zinc and is supplied complete with M3 stem, hex-nut and wingnut, and masonry plugs and screws for attaching to a suitably solid surface.

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Patt 23M with Telescopic Stand

The telescopic stand comes in two parts, the base and the barrel with extension. The base is cast zinc to provide weight and stability and has three rubber ‘feet’, the barrel and receiver are zinc plated stainless steel. The possible extension height is only 50% of the barrel height to reduce the possibility of the stand becoming unstable and potentially damaging the lantern. Supplied complete with M3 bolt and spigot.

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