Space Cannon Jilspot 12

Space Cannon Jilspot 12

The JilSpot 12 DMX is an ultra high-output compact LED spotlight designed for architectural feature and general lighting applications.

Powered by the latest Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs, the JilSpot 12 DMX is available in single colour, warm/cool white, or RGBA/RGBW colour-changing. It’s perfect for lighting architectural features, grazing walls, lighting passages, stairways, windows, and much more.

Fully dimmable with integral power supply and DMX RDM driver, the JilSpot 12 DMX is the perfect choice for special effect outdoor feature highlighting.

It’s compact “plug-and-play” connectors and integral drivers make it a perfect choice for difficult installations and heritage buildings.

  • Collimators High precision optics available in narrow, medium, wide, and elliptical angles to suit every application.
  • Lens Transparent, weatherproof, and shock-resistant.
  • Housing Anodised aluminium, custom colours available.
  • Fins Heat-management system for efficient and reliable long-term operation.
  • Cable Combined UV-stabilised power/data cable with Space Cannon’s custom 7-pin in/out connectors for easy installation. Simply daisy-chain together, and fully compatible with other Space Cannon 7-pin luminaires (e.g. Athena FIM, Aurora).
  • Adjustable Bracket Allows the mounting of the luminaire in any working position.

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