Rosco Pica Cube 4C

Rosco Pica Cube 4C

Release your creative spirit with Pica Cube 4C! From wall washing to accent and mood lighting the color-mixing Pica 4C offers a designer maximum creativity in a tiny package. Using best in class RGBW quad-color, multi-channel chips, a gorgeous palette of saturated, mid-tone and pale tint colors can be dialed in at the touch of a button. And of course, a true white is always available as well – not the unflattering mixed amber compromise found in other lights. Smart programming in the Pica Cube 4C includes a stand-alone color wash mode that allows multiple units to be easily slaved together, synchronized and offset using self-generated DMX for color chases and other dynamic lighting patterns without a console. Use it alone, configured in strips & arrays or built-in for virtually any application needing colored light, including: stage productions, broadcast studios, bars and casinos, retail stores and up-scale lobbies.

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Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 91 × 63.5 × 63.5 mm






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