Prolights Mosaico FX 100 FC

Prolights Mosaico FX 100 FC

Image projector with dual animation wheel and 1 gobo/color slot, 100W LED source

Mosaico FX100 is an 100W white source LED IP66 image projector, engineered to be the modular platform to add building blocks to design your creative architectural lighting landscape.

Mosaico FX100 is supplied with two controllable effect wheels on board made in structured glass material to animate your projection, with linear motion control for creating reflected water, blowing fire or northern lights effects. The kit contains also one indeaxable gobo holder and a colour holder both with magnetic attachment.

Mosaico FX100 is compatible with a wide range of high definition optics, each optimized for the required application (animation or image projection): 15°, 30°, 50° and 70°.

This unit can be controlled via DMX, both wired and wireless and also easily operated locally through the simplified stand alone operations.


  • 100W White LED Source Image and Effect light projector
  • 15°, 30°, 50° and 70° available optics (not included), Image or Effects optimized
  • DMX, CRMX Wireless and local stand alone control



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