Prolights Ecldisplay DATVW

Prolights Ecldisplay DATVW

25W White LED gallery light, constant current to be connected to external PSU & Driver

EclDisplay is a range of revolutionary and flexible LED spotlights designed for galleries, retail and any public venue where an advanced but classical looking fixture is needed, with several control options, sources and optic versions available to precisely meet any application.

The EclDisplay CC is the version of the EclDisplay range made to be connected to an external Constant Current PSU and driver (max 700mA/36V), selecting among the PROLIGHTS accessories or any third-party compatible component, leaving to System Integrators to install this luminaire in venues with their own wiring distribution and control.

The EclDisplay CC includes a high-efficiency 25 W White, high CRI LED source, available in 2.700 K, 3.000 K, 4.000 K, 5.600 K variants, and it is completed with a wide selection of optional profile (zoom and static) or wash lenses, and other optical accessories like louvres and snoots, making it truly a multi-purpose fixture.


  • Constant Current version to be connected to external PSU and driver (max 700mA/36V)
  • 25W high CRI White LED available in 2.700 K, 3.000 K, 4.000 K, 5.600 K versions, both black and white housing
  • Multiple lens options: profile (zoom and static) or wash optics


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