Luminex GigaCore 30i POE++

Luminex GigaCore 30i POE++

Having a robust, reliable network backbone has become an essential component of many AV systems. Resolution X has invested in the Luminex GigaCore series of switches, which are specifically designed with professional touring applications in mind. The GigaCore 30i is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch designed to support multiple AV protocols co-existing on the same network. It is equipped with PoE++ on every copper port (24 in total), up to a maximum of 1000W.

Each switch comes with a custom ResX Patch Panel, so all 24x copper ports have etherCON connections easily accessed from the front of the unit, as well as 6x opticalCON Fibre ports. The extra fibre ports allow for the switch to act as a fibre hub on complex network installations.

Manage and monitor the entire network with Araneo software which shows the current status of each device, as well as a visual representation of data streams and topology of port status of every GigaCore. The entire network can be configured offline, reducing commissioning time and saving money and stress on-site.

There is also an intuitive web UI which allows you to assigning groups (VLANs) to ports, create trunks or adjusting other port and PoE settings on the fly.

The GigaCore 30i also has a redundant power supply, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted operation of critical systems in case of a primary power supply failure.

Tech Specs:

  • PoE: PoE++ on every copper port – 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt are all met.
  • RLinkX (Link redundancy): Yes
  • Groups (VLAN segmentation): Yes
  • MultiLinkX (Link aggregation): Yes (With future FW upgrade)
  • Memory: Flash 1Gb RAM – 8Mb NOR flash 4Gb EMMC storage
  • MAC address table: 16384 entries
  • Address learning / Aging: Self learning, Auto aging
  • Switching throughput: 168Gbps
  • Jumbo frames: MTU up to 12000
  • IGMP support: Yes (V1/V2/V3)
  • IGMP snooping: Yes, enabled by default
  • Port sensing: Auto negotiation
  • Auto crossover: MDI / MDIX
  • Auto sensing: Full or Half Duplex (Gigabit is Full Duplex)


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