Controlling LED fixtures has always been fraught with problems when coupled with inadequate drivers. Low cost/low quality devices generally become the weakest link in a system design causing major problems for installations where reliability is essential. The LED-CV4 was developed to present the market with an affordable, professional-quality LED driver that excels with industry-best 16-bit dimming, providing stepless dimming across the entire range from 0% to 100%; even when controlled by an 8-bit DMX512 controller.

Each output is independently monitored for load and automatically shut down in the event of an overload, then self-resets when the fault is cleared – no more replacing fuses if there’s a problem. The LED-CV4 can output up to four channels x 5A with a 100% duty cycle, at either 12V or 24V, providing a significant cost saving where large amounts of LEDs are required.

  • 4Ch x 5A constant voltage PWM dimmer
  • DMX input and thru connections via provided RJ45 or push-fit connectors
  • Dimmed outputs via push-fit connectors
  • Configuration, monitoring and software upgrades via RDM
  • 8-bit or true 16-bit dimming per channel, set over RDM
  • Proprietary smoothing algorithm for stepless dimming on 8-bit control
  • Short-circuit protection per output with auto-reset
  • DMX512 addressing via front-panel encoders or via RDM
  • 100% duty cycle rated for each output at either 12V or 24V
  • CE (European) and RCM (Australian) approved

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