ETC Gio @5

ETC Gio @5

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Professional control…scaled just right

Gio @5 brings the high-end control of the larger Eos® family consoles to venues with tighter spaces – or tighter budgets.

This portable console packs all the control necessities into a compact footprint, so external monitors and accessories are optional. With an articulating, 17-inch, multi-touch LCD display, five definable and page-able motorized faders and a master fader pair, Gio @5 is the perfect step up for Ion® users who want expanded hands-on access to playbacks, color control, touchscreen Magic Sheets and more.

The console features the same full-function, backlit keyboard as the Eos Programming Wing and Gio® console, providing an easy transition for experienced Eos users looking for a smaller desk – and a good platform for new programmers looking to gain professional skills that scale up.


  • 4,096 or 24,576 outputs
  • 16,000 control channels
  • Up to 99 discrete users
  • Partitioned control
  • Master playback pair with motorized 60mm faders
  • Five 60mm motorized faders x 200 pages for configurable cue lists, submasters, grand masters, IFCB Palette/Presets lists or individual instances
  • One 17.3 inch multi-touch LCD touchscreen for display, direct selection and context-sensitive control
  • Four discrete palette types (IFCB)
  • Presets function as “all palette”
  • Effects provide dynamic relational and absolute progressive behavior
  • Central information area (CIA) accesses electronic alpha keyboard, Hue + Saturation color picker, gel picker, browser and other controls
  • Four force-feedback encoders for non-intensity parameter control
  • Configurable high-density channel display, with format and flexi-channel modes
  • User-designed, interactive magic sheets
  • Up to six abstract color spaces, tinting, spectrum and fade path tools.
  • ETCNet2™ and Net3™ (powered by ACN), ArtNet and Avab® UDP output protocols
  • Show import from Obsession, Express™, Expression®, Emphasis®, Congo®, Cobalt®, Grand MA1, Grand MA2, Safari and Strand 500/300 Series
  • Two individually configurable Ethernet ports
  • Multiple MIDI and/or SMPTE TimeCode Inputs, MIDI In and Out, Analog/Serial Inputs, OSC transmit/receive
  • Virtual Media Server function for pixel-mapped effects, images and animations

Additional information

Weight 20.5 kg
Dimensions 589 × 775 × 295 mm


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