Strato Melbourne

Sky Bar Strato Melbourne Projection BW

Strato Melbourne is on cloud nine thanks to custom projections delivered by Lightmoves in collaboration with the design team.

Strato Melbourne, originally ‘Sky Bar’, crowns the Oakwood Premier Hotel. At 140 metres above the Melbourne CBD, it boasts unparalleled views of the city skyline.

Lightmoves was briefed to deliver an ‘elevated experience’ by projecting an aerial view of Melbourne, which would evoke a feeling of flying as guests approach the bar.


Picture Perfect Results

High resolution projection was achieved with 8 Epson EV-115 projectors mounted along the corridor ceiling. With limited mounting height and floor-to-ceiling Access Doors for the lift services, possible placement positions were limited.

Great care was taken by the Lightmoves technical team to geometrically map and blend output within limited spatial parameters. The team also made sure to align graphics with the floor tiling and reflective walls.

A powerful media server was required to perform geometric mapping and blending of the output onto the long entrance corridor.

  • Pixel-mapping was accomplished via PIXERA control.
  • Projectors are controlled with a PIXERA media server and video processing occurs via Datapath Fx4 signal splitters.
  • Video triggering is provided by Pharos lighting control over ARTNet.

Lightmoves technician mapping projections onto the narrow corridor lobby space

Client Strato Melbourne

Interior Sora Interiors

Architecture CHT Architects

Build Hamilton Marino Builders

Specified by glowing structures

Installed by GFS

Media by Collingwood’s Sequence Group

Epson EV-115 Projector Mounted to corridor ceiling projects display onto floor.

Live and Dynamic Effects

One of the most exciting aspects of this project was realised through the power of lighting control, supplied and commissioned by Lightmoves.

The installation connects Strato to the surrounding cityscape, with scenery shifting in real-time according to the time of day and local weather.

  • The aerial projections at Strato are programmed to reflect the outside world. The video changes dynamically throughout the day according to the time and weather conditions in Melbourne’s CBD.
  • A Pharos controller has been programmed to automatically adjust the video based on sunset and sunrise times, so that the aerial scene fades seamlessly from day to sunset and into the night.
  • The pharos-integrated system polls an AccuWeather API every 15 minutes in order to select which weather scene to display, in combination with the time of day.

Guests stepping out of the lift are reminded of Strato’s committment to providing an elevated experience, as excitement builds for the bar’s unique panoramic views.


Integrated Control

The 8 Epson EV115 projectors are networked to the Pharos LPC, which provides direct control of the projector’s power, focus, zoom and source-select over ArtNET.

The entire system is linked to the wider Dynalite control system used in the venue. Manual override of the projection is easily achieved via slick Dynalite Antumbra display panels.