Prolights Mosaico XL

Prolights Mosaico XL

540W IP66 zoomable LED image projector with CMY and framing shutter

Mosaico XL is an extremely powerful outdoor LED image projector for long-range projection of textures, images and logos onto buildings and landscapes. Built in a durable IP66 die-cast housing, the Mosaico XL offers a phenomenal output of 14’500 lumens and an extensive set of features including linear CMY+CTO colour mixing system and profile to precisely shape the projection area. The exceptional zoom ranges from 6,6° to 50° allowing this fixture to be installed at any distance making it versatile in both near-field and long-throw installations, awesome for static and animated facade building lighting.


  • IP66 allowing long-lasting installation with minimal maintenance
  • Equipped with 6,6°- 50° linear zoom system to for both near and long throw installation
  • 540W White LED engine with 6.000 K CT delivering 14’500 lumens output
  • Extensive feature set including CMY and linear CTO, shutter frame and animation wheel


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