ETC Source4 LED Cyc Adapter

ETC Source4 LED Cyc Adapter

The Source Four LED CYC™ adapter brings the infinite colour options of the x7Color System™ to your cyclorama or backdrop. Using ETC’s innovative design, you can quickly turn your Source Four LED™ Lustr+ fixture into a bright, colourful and versatile asymmetric cyclorama wash light. With its simple setup, you can easily achieve beautiful cyc-light distribution from the same Source Four LED light engine you already have.


  • Rugged, die-cast, aluminium construction
  • Fits all standard Source Four LED light engines
    NOTE: Not for use with HPL Source Four fixtures
  • Compatible with ETL and CE fixtures
  • Can be top- and/or bottom-mounted
  • Simple, flexible setup


  • Bright, even wash light
  • Maximum colour control with ETC’s x7 Color System
  • Smooth coverage up to 40’ (top and bottom lit)
  • Efficient 2:1 spacing ratio (maximum) from cyc
    • 1.5:1 ideal spacing ratio recemmended
  • Heat- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses

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