Helvar USB to DALI Interface (510)

Helvar USB to DALI Interface (510)

The DIGIDIM 510 module is an USB-to DALI interface that provides a convenient method of connecting a personal computer running Helvar Toolbox programming software to a Helvar DIGIDIM DALI network.

The 510 Interface unit is housed in a standard Helvar panel module. The unit can be simply wall mounted using a Helvar single back box frame. Alternatively, it can be combined with up to two further modules from the Helvar range, in a triple module (double back box) frame. The module is supplied with both white and black snap-on fascia panels.

The connection between the PC and the 510 Interface is via a standard USB/Mini-B cable (supplied).

  • Simple insertion into Digidim modular panels
  • Quick and simple PC-to-DALI connection
  • Black and white fascias included
  • Standard mini-B USB connector
  • Powered from DALI network

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 35.4 × 31.8 × 48.4 mm




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