Helvar Relay Unit 4Ch (494)

Helvar Relay Unit 4Ch (494)

The DIGIDIM 494 Relay Unit is a DALI-compatible Interface Unit designed to allow non-dimmable loads to be incorporated into a DIGIDIM lighting control system. The relay unit is a DIN-rail mounted unit that can control four individually programmable relays. The relays are ‘normally open’, volt-free and can switch resistive loads of up to 10 A.

The relay unit is provided with a status LED, a physical selection switch and four relay state indicators. The status LED provides status and a fault indication, the physical selection switch is used to identify the device during system configuration and also acts as a manual override. The four relay state indicator LEDs are illuminated when the respective relay is closed.

  • Allows control of non-dimmable loads
  • DIN-rail mounted
  • Four individually programmable relays
  • The relays are ‘normally open’, volt-free and can switch four resistive loads of up to 10 A
  • Status LED
  • Manual override

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 88 × 90 × 58 mm






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