Product News

  • Zencontrol joins the Lightmoves family

    Lightmoves is proud to announce the inclusion of Zencontrol into the range of lighting control solutions available from Lightmoves. Zencontrol,…

  • Philips Lighting will become Signify

    Philips Lighting announces intention to change company name to Signify while keeping the Philips brand for its products Eindhoven, the…

  • Pharos TPS

    TPS joins the Pharos range

    Pharos Architectural Controls provides advanced lighting control solutions for architecture, themed entertainment and other specialist industries.  The Pharos range of controllers…

  • DUS90CS

    The new DUS90CS is here!

    It’s here!  The long-awaited Philips Dynalite DUS90CS is now in stock at Lightmoves, and the first sensors have already been…

  • Large Luminous Surfaces Training November 2017

    When is Lighting not just lights? When it’s Philips Large Luminous Surfaces!

    The team at Lightmoves have just undergone training with Philips Lighting Global Development Manager (Large Luminous Surfaces) Berno Ram.  Lightmoves…

  • Philips Hue now integrates with Philips Dynalite

    Philips Hue now integrates with Dynalite

    Philips Hue is one of the leading brands in providing smart lighting solutions on the consumer level. Being able to…

  • Lightmoves now demonstrating Luminous Textile Panels

    Lightmoves is excited to announce that we are now demonstrating Philips Luminous Textile Panels. Bringing commercial and retail spaces to…

  • Introducing the Philips Dynalite Antumbra Display

  • Philips ColorKinetics

    Lightmoves is proud to announce it can now offer the full range of LED products and services from Philips ColorKinetics.…

  • Helvar EnOcean. No Batteries. No Wires.

    With the addition of Helvar to the Lightmoves range of lighting control products and solutions, comes one of the most…